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With each Gucci runway show, Alessandro Michele continues to take the luxury brand to new heights and the latest cruise collection for 2018 was no exception. The pieces inspired by the Renaissance era were all-around romantic with retro influences. Metallics, floral embroidery, bold prints and colors dominated the runway. Michele didn't forget the core of his successes, flashing the iconic cheap gucci shoes graphic wherever possible. Down the runway came updated logo tees and tanks, signature totes, fanny packs, and even sheer socks. See the best pieces from the collection ahead including the newest accessories sure to be in high demand.
The impeccably curated tableau vivant of artful, ironic juxtaposition features a too-tall putti-painted architectural panel turned on its side against romantic floral wallpaper. In front of the panel, a tapestry-covered settee awaits Alessandro Michele. He arrives with the aura of a rock-‘n’-roll aesthete: Seventies haircut and beard working in concert with his Gucci street-glam regalia: aviator shades; gorgeous bejeweled, sequined baseball jacket over jeans, the hem of one leg turned up just a casual smidgen; dragons on his boots.

The occasion — an “intimate” press conference (12 journalists) that replaced Michele’s usual backstage walk-throughs, and through which he waxed fashion-deep and philosophic. On the industry’s mind-set: “[Fashion is] the only language that wanted to keep the old codes…that doesn’t work anymore for me.” On his creative evolution: “Now it’s more than beauty, it’s more about a state of mind…an idea of community.” On continuing his now-signature cheap gucci uk sale aesthetic: “I want to go deep…[with] this little swimming pool, and make the swimming pool like an ocean.”

To those who buy into deep fashion thoughts — one assumes, everyone in the room — it made for often provocative discourse. For those who don’t — had Christopher Guest filmed the session for a make-fun-of-fashion-movie, he could insert it as is. (It recalled Joe Zee’s brilliant one-line review of “The Devil Wears Prada,” spoken privately, so here’s hoping he’s not mad: “I worked for Polly Mellen. Where’s the satire?”)

All hail the showman that is Alessandro Michele and the spectacle that is the Gucci show. There were dragons, snakes and severed heads, for crying out loud!
What Gucci has learned to do over the last few years is attract the right kind of attention, riffing on timely themes and references that strike like ‘in jokes’. See ‘Guccy‘.
For Fall 2018 they fused cross-cultural references: heritage English tweeds, Russian gymnasts, silk turbans, lace burkas, woollen balaclava’s and Dynasty-era glam dresses.
At the ten biggest luxury retailers, including Barneys, Matches and Saks Fifth Avenue, Gucci is the most-stocked brand. It beats second place Burberry by having 1.5 times the number of styles stocked right now.
And Gucci accessories and footwear lines are the bestselling across the ten retailers. 
n the last three months the bestselling Gucci styles have been loafers, leather belt bags, belts, beanies and baseball caps.
From the Fall 2018 collection, those bejewelled sneakers will be hot property, as will the angular sunglasses and lion head necklaces. And if this collection is anything to go by, Gucci might also be about to bring back the bangle!